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Introducing Chris

We’re continuing our introductions to our research team and today we’d like you to meet Chris. We have four young people working on our youth employment accessibility research. The research assessment is based on a criteria set by young people and carried out by young people too.

Tell us what you think about Access Generation’s research project?

In my opinion Access Generation’s research and ongoing work is priceless. Far too many employers not only lack the empathy to help young people into work, but often are unaware of the many barriers someone may be facing that prevents them from working. Research like this is paving the way for a brighter, more accessible future for young people.

What would you like us to tell employers on your behalf?

Young people DO want to work, but the process for getting into work is worrisome for a lot of young people and with good reason. There is a huge lack of support that isn’t particularly difficult to acknowledge and work on. Don’t label young people before meeting them, it’s unfair to assume someone is lazy because perhaps they have a lack of work history, which could be because of a number of reasons. If you can isolate what someone is passionate about or interested in you can ensure they will work hard on that subject.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am massively into technology, I love building computers and spend a lot of time messing around with components. I play a lot of games, previously at a professional level (for money even) but stopped pursuing a career in it due to most people telling me it “wasn’t a real job”. I like going to the gym and lifting weights, I used to be really into body building but am a bit more casual now. I like to work erratically, on many tasks at the same time across multiple monitors on my home PC setup. I utilise my background in graphic design to work on company branding primarily, but have experience across all manner of design. I currently volunteer with my brother on the Hidden Talent project, with a goal of talking to employers and other people in a work place setting about both mental conditions and mental health when it comes to young people attaining work. I focus mostly on the mental health side of things and am extremely passionate about it, giving ‘my story’ as well as showing my research. We have spoken at fairly large events to a wide number of people, including employers of large companies, work coaches and members of parliament. I’m hoping our project only continues to grow as I love working with my brother and talking to people about something I am keenly interested in. I love public speaking as it comes naturally to me and seeing people being so responsive to the sessions that we give is very reassuring that we make a good point.

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