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Introducing Alex

We’re on to our third young intern from our research team today so we’d like to introduce you to Alex. We have four young people working on our youth employment accessibility research. The research assessment is based on a criteria set by young people and carried out by young people too.

Tell us what you think about Access Generation’s research project?

I think it is amazing as I have been through a rough time with employers and when applying HR communicates to you online – there is no face to face support. I have a disability and really struggle with knowing what to disclose. There is often inadequate space to add this information.  They should offer support when applying – so I have an idea of the adjustments they will cater for during the recruitment and selection phases.  E.g. they don’t communicate needs like extra time or questions written down to help me process what’s just been said. I also enjoy being able to take part in research as I started to study it as part of my second year of my learning disability nurse training. I have a brief understanding of the two types qualitative (enquiries with people to get their opinion on something) and quantitative research (facts and figures). This research can really make a difference by challenging perceptions of employers about young people and will help us demonstrate that there is a huge pool of talent that they are missing out on.

What would you like us to tell employers on your behalf?

Can we have someone to talk too please?  We need to feel we can ask questions as part of the process and also ensure we get useful feedback.  Listen to us as the candidate especially when we have disclosed a disability or health condition, so that appropriate adjustments can be made for the interview.

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

I have strong people skills developed in a range of face-to-face roles within health and social care settings.  I have experience of working with people of all ages and abilities.  I have worked with disabled young people in a special needs school in Wigston. My personal experience of living with disabilities has made me very passionate about supporting others and raising awareness in society to make life more accessible and fulfilling. The sports I enjoy taking part in include swimming and trampolining, Outdoor pursuits especially Canoeing and Kayaking. I am a keen photographer and videographer too. In work I enjoy all IT based activities, business administration and working with people.  I love to see the difference that the right care can make to people’s lives. I am trying to secure an apprenticeship so I have been doing a plethora of things including part time work in a range of care settings with support from Access to Work and Autism Success Formula. I have done a work placement with Get Set at Leicestershire County Council and I am speaking at conferences about employment and disability with the Leicestershire Hidden Talent project.

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