Youth employment accessibility research – full report image

Youth employment accessibility research – full report

We assessed the job section on 50 Leicestershire company websites against young people’s expectations and criteria and the full report from the research is available now.

Download the youth employment accessibility research full report here

Why did we do the research?

During the early stages of forming Access Generation we research the state of youth employment. Although there are some great studies from the likes of Prince’s Trust on ‘jargon free’ job descriptions and corporate toolkits from CIPD for example, we felt there was a gap in youth employment research around the quantity and extent of barriers to employment that young people face.

We spoke to young people – 8 out of 10 stated they would look directly on a company website for a job. So we believe that companies should build their own pool of talent and to do this the job section on a company website needs to match a young person’s expectations and support the process.

How did we do the research?

We had our own opinions and assumptions of what young people would want from an employer and the businesses we had spoken to about their experiences also had views. But, it’s always best to go back to source so we spoke with young people who helped us craft the assessment questions. This was then later refined with the help of Talent Match Leicester.

What did the research reveal?

In essence, the digital door to employment is closed for young people. We believe there is a question mark and further work to be done to understand who owns the job section on a company website.

For all the headline results please download the report.

What next?

We are currently providing general feedback to all the companies assessed in the research. We are providing individual feedback and support and plan to hold seminars in collaboration with partners in October.

In short, research – support – feedback – educate.

We will be using the insights gained from this pilot research to build and inform our online toolkit.

Further research will be conducted between October and December. More details to follow.

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