Introducing Damian image

Introducing Damian

We’re continuing our introductions to our Middlesbrough research team and today we’d like you to meet Damian. We have three young people working on our youth employment accessibility research. The research assessment is based on criteria set by young people and carried out by young people too.

Tell us what you think about Access Generation’s research project?

“Access Generation is amazing. To be able to identify barriers of employment for young people and challenge employers to change the way they make their websites accessible for young people. Most organisations are not aware; Access Generation make them aware.”   

What would you like us to tell employers on your behalf?

“Young people have the potential to go far within an organisation if given the chance and opportunity to grow as an individual. Young people have barriers like everybody else, so support must be in place. I think companies should learn to understand and give young people help to grow rather than seeing them fall by labelling them before meeting them. HELP THEM TO HELP YOU!”  

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I started my journey in 2015 when I was referred to the Talent Match Programme as a client. With many doors closed to me, just as many opened and with new friends made, I found myself developing a passion to help other young people with the same barriers and issues that I’d faced along the road, realizing I was not alone. I joint  Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency (MVDA) in July 2018 as a young facilitator, to support the continued development of young people’s involvement in Talent Match Middlesbrough.”

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