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A case study of a supportive recruitment model

The Prince’s Trust initiative, Talent Match, piloted a supportive recruitment model and we wanted to share the success story with you and tell you how the award-winning project impacted those involved.

About the project

The project helped young people with hidden conditions, who had never been employed before, transition into work.

Young people involved in the project had a variety of conditions including learning difficulties, disabilities and mental health issues.

Talent Match were determined to give young people with hidden conditions a chance.

Working with Neovia, a logistics company, and Siamo, a recruitment agency, Talent Match created a supportive recruitment process for 12 young people.

In 2017, the project won the education and business partnership category in the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce Award and last year won the Hadley Group Community Impact Award at the Prince’s Trust Awards too.

Watch the video about the project here:

How did it work?

The 12 young people were recruited and created a new team within the warehouse and were then supported in work by Prince’s Trust mentors. The mentor’s role was initially full-time for the first four months to help motivate the group and support them to realise their potential. The mentor support was reduced to ad-hoc as the project continued and the group’s confidence grew.

Mentors view

“When the young people started, their jobs involved different tasks and they couldn’t break down the job in their mind. They didn’t have belief in their own capabilities.”

“Having in work support mentors is useful when an employer cannot provide someone hands-on.”

“One of the best aspects of this project has been the bus journey to and from work. These young people needed a routine and the bus journey has provided them with this structure and allowed them to bond as a team too.”

Message to employers

“I would urge other employers to give young people a chance and give them that opportunity they crave.”

Young people’s view

“I struggled to find work before this project and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

“I’ve made new friends and even socialise with colleagues after work too.”

“The best bit about this job is getting paid so I don’t have to rely on my parents.”

Employer’s view

“We felt it was the right thing to do to create opportunities for people who wouldn’t normally get the chance.”

“When we first took on the team everyone was so quiet and the mentors support was great in getting the group to overcome small hurdles on the job.

“One year on and there’s a massive difference in their confidence and abilities.”

Message to employers

“Young people will invest in you as much as you invest in them.”

“Don’t judge people’s conditions and don’t assume their limitations, let them have a go and then adjust to their limits.”

“I’d invite any employer who wants to see the project in action to come and see for yourself.”

Business benefits to a supportive recruitment model

  • Loyal employees – the young people on this project had 100% attendance and timekeeping records over a 15 week period
  • Increased retention – 8 of the young people are still with the company one year on
  • Corporate social responsibility – this project provided evidence that supported PR activity that promoted the business
  • Customer engagement – two of Neovia’s major customers appreciated and attributed value to this project and would like to see this work go further

Get involved

As this project was proven to be successful, it has been adopted and will be rolled out to other employers in the Leicestershire area as part of the Work Live Leicestershire (WiLL) project to tackle unemployment in rural communities.

Would you like to trial a supportive recruitment model? Get in touch for details.