Webinar: What is the impact on the digital revolution on skills? image

Webinar: What is the impact on the digital revolution on skills?

Did you miss our latest webinar on the impact of the digital revolution on skills for today and tomorrow? Here’s a re-cap…

This webinar was presented by Jemma Redden from Access Generation and Jon Brookes from our sponsors, Vacancy Filler.

The digital revolution 4.0

Unlike the revolutions gone by, the digital revolution is moving at a rapid pace that it’s sometimes hard for businesses to keep up with changing consumer and candidate behaviours.

This is no surprise when you consider how quickly knowledge and data is doubling. IBM predicts it will be every 12 hours by 2020.

This pace of change is so fast that research suggests that 65% of school children today will be doing jobs that don’t yet exist.

Digital revolution and recruitment

Just like every revolution that came and went, the digital revolution is causing some people to panic about job creation and job redundancies.

Some news articles suggest robots will take over the world, whilst others predict technology will create more jobs than it will destroy.

The truth is, technology should be an enabler. The digital revolution is about people, robots and AI all coming together.

A report released today by CIPD entitled “People and Machines: from hype to reality” also talks about the unknown impact of the digital revolution on jobs.

This report talks about ‘technology as a tool, not the master’.

For HR professionals, technology has helped make tasks more efficient. During our webinar, Vacancy Filler gave examples of companies using gamification in the job application process. The impact of the digital revolution on recruitment has also seen the introduction of artificial intelligence in the filtering and selection process for applications too.

Young people’s expectations for technology

When it comes to attracting the next generation of talent, a company needs to understand a young person’s criteria for choosing an employer. This is especially true when the labour market is so tight. It’s no longer you, the company, assessing the candidate, the candidates are now assessing you.

80% of young people will go directly to a company website to find out more about an employer regardless of where they first see a job post. If you are not evidencing what a young person wants in an employer then you might be missing out on this pool of talent.

Remember, that candidates will be comparing your application process to their other online activity such as shopping and gaming.

When you buy something online you see the progress of your order. When you apply for a job online it can often feel like you’re submitting it into a black hole (this is what young people tell us).

So, a simple way to check if your own companies process matches these expectations is to try your own recruitment process out for yourself. How did it feel? Did you get all the information you would want as a candidate?

Skills for today and tomorrow

How will this digital revolution impact the skills you need in your business today to make sure your business is still around tomorrow?

Watch the recording of the webinar to find out more.

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