Fujitsu World Tour: Bringing business innovation and education together image

Fujitsu World Tour: Bringing business innovation and education together

Fujitsu held its world tour event in 20 countries where they showcased how they are collaborating to bring digital solutions into industries and to educational establishments. The event was a chance to see real-life examples of this work.

We were invited to attend the London event last week and came away inspired and excited to see how Fujitsu is supporting educational establishments and charitable organisations with digital solutions.

We wanted to highlight some of the things we learnt…

Equipping teachers with digital know-how

We met with Marisa Connolly, Education Project Manager at Fujitsu, who explained the work that was being done to support the teaching of digital skills.

The new Certificate of Digital Excellence will “ensure teachers and practitioners have an understanding and the skills needed to coach young people to be ready for our technologically-advanced world.”

The certificate includes topics such as programming, coding, robotics, cybersecurity, data analytics and big data, internet of things, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

Find out more about the Certificate of Digital Excellence here.

Smart and inclusive solutions by Nottingham Trent University students

We spoke to students from Nottingham Trent University who were showcasing their ‘grand challenge’ project work which was partnered with Fujitsu. Students were asked to develop an engineering solution aimed at enhancing the lives of future campus users around wellbeing and accessibility.

The students demonstrated their ideas to help visually impaired students navigate around large campus sites. 

It was great to see Fujitsu sharing their digital expertise and allowing students to prove their innovative thinking.

Removing the barriers to work for autistic people

Autistica is a charity partner for Fujitsu and during the event, they launched a handy guide for employers to make workplace meetings autism-friendly. 

The leading UK autism research charity aims to support and provide brighter futures for all autistic people.

Find out more about Autistica here.


This is the second year we have attended the Fujitsu World Tour event and it provides us with an opportunity to see how technology and innovation are likely to impact on business.

This informs our conversation with business and highlights the importance of having a diverse workforce that includes digitally savvy young people.