Meet our intern – Omar image

Meet our intern – Omar

Continuing with our introductions to our new interns, today it’s Omar’s turn to tell us about himself and what his message is to business. Meet Omar…

Hi, my name is Omar, I’m 22 years old and I studied Accounting and Business Management as my Undergraduate and Global Business Administration (MBA) as a Master’s degree.

What your ambitions are for the future?

Using all my experiences in employment and education, my ambition for the future is to join an organisation where I can continue to learn, take on further responsibilities and contribute as much value as possible. During university, I worked alongside a range of different initiatives so another ambition for the future is to encourage future generations to become great leaders regardless of the background of where the individual comes from.

Why did you choose to intern with Access Generation?

Applying to Access Generation was a no brainer for me! As a young professional approaching the business world, sometimes it can feel like the world of work is a closed-door to inexperienced young people. After seeing multiple job adverts, that advertise skills that seem near impossible for candidates to have at such an early phase can at times be discouraging. Therefore, interning for Access Generation who pledges to make a difference by merging young people and businesses as well as changing the perception of young people today is a company attribute that I respect them for.

Is there anything you’re excited about doing with Access Generation?

I am excited to be doing a project with the BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) society and diving into topics and issues of what minority groups think and believe of the world of work. With this project I get to conduct focus groups, which I believe will stir up some good conversations. I am looking forward to going to different events with Access Generation and networking with a range of companies. I am also excited to assess what skills and attributes, companies are looking for from young people today.

What you hope to achieve during the 6 weeks?

During the next six weeks, I am looking to develop my skills in a range of ways such as public speaking through presentations which I am quite passionate about. I am hoping to gain various transferable skills and experience which I can carry into the world of work. I also want to give Access Generation enough information and research to make further steps towards companies across the UK to change their perception of young people.

What is your message to employers?

I believe that employing young people to companies will enrich the company with new insights into the way the world is evolving. I want to tell companies to give young people a chance to show their work ethic and allow them to prove that they can add value to both the culture of business and its growth.