#AccessYourTruePotential Young people launch a campaign on employment accessibility image

#AccessYourTruePotential Young people launch a campaign on employment accessibility


YOUNG people have launched a campaign to highlight the top concerns when applying for jobs online and call on employers to change the way they attract and recruit.

The peer panel for Access Generation CIC has launched #AccessYourTruePotential after assessing 600 employer websites and their job application processes.

Eight members of their peer panel of young people aged 18 to 30 completed the latest Employment Accessibility research which found;

  • 3 out of 4 employers do not offer entry-level roles
  • Only 1% of employers show that they care and state when feedback is available
  • 1 in 3 applications ‘felt like they were being submitted into a black hole’
  • Only 5% of employers gave examples of opportunities for progression
  • Only 5% of employers demonstrated a positive attitude towards diversity and inclusion

Charlotte Boyd, a peer panel member for Access Generation said: “I was shocked at how many employers do not take the time to write specific job descriptions, which leaves candidates left in the dark about the role they are applying for. If I could ask employers to do one thing, it would be to provide the basic information around the timings, the job description and process of applying.”

The campaign and artwork which was created by an intern and now peer panel member, Suraya Mayes, includes a petition which calls on employers to make some basic changes to the way they attract and recruit.

Employers are being asked to pledge to do one or all of the following;

  • Create entry-level roles 
  • Provide details of the recruitment processes including when feedback will be available
  • Acknowledge receipt of all applications
  • Provide examples of progression
  • Make diversity and inclusion a priority 

The petition is also being promoted to young people to ask them to sign the petition to encourage employers to make these changes.

Suraya said: “The campaign has two messages; for young people we are asking questions such as ‘Are you frustrated with the lack of feedback?’ and employers are being asked ‘Does your recruitment process positively show that you care?’

“If employers are struggling to recruit then maybe its time they made some changes. We hope this campaign will have a big impact on future generations trying to get access to work.”

The petition is now live on Change.org and the Employment Accessibility report has been published on Access Generation’s website.

Download your copy of the report here.

The five key campaign messages will be spread out over the year and will launch with diversity and inclusion as the first hot topic.

The research assessment has been designed and is delivered by young people to see if an employer meets young people’s criteria and expectations when applying for jobs online. 

This research tool was created by young people and Access Generation, a social enterprise whose purpose is to empower employers to attract the next generation.

Supporters and employers are being asked to sign the petition by simply searching for #AccessYourTruePotential or visiting www.accessgeneration.co.uk for details.