Will you embrace diversity and inclusion in your attraction and recruitment processes? image

Will you embrace diversity and inclusion in your attraction and recruitment processes?

Diversity and inclusion is in the top criteria for choosing an employer for young people. Will you pledge to make diversity and inclusion a priority in your attraction and recruitment processes?

Our peer panel has launched their campaign #AccessYourTruePotential to highlight the top concerns young people have when applying for jobs online.

This campaign is launched on the back of the release of our Employment Accessibility Report and is calling on employers to make a pledge to change.

The first topic our peer panel want to engage employers on is diversity and inclusion.

“Employers should make their values loud and clear!” – Adil, peer panel member

Will you pledge to embrace diversity and inclusion?

An employer who makes the recruitment process inclusive and provides evidence that their culture is inclusive to all is likely to exceed young people’s expectations. 

“Diversity refers to the traits and characteristics that make people unique while inclusion refers to the behaviours and social norms that ensure people feel welcome.” (Builtin)

Organisations who reflect their community and their customers within their workforce will reap the benefits of embracing diversity and inclusion by becoming attractive for both candidates and clients.

Only 6% of employers positively address diversity and inclusion

In our Employment Accessibility research, our peer panel identified 6% of employers who positively address diversity and inclusion.

Employers commonly include policies on equality, modern slavery and gender pay gap (this is a legal requirement for organisations with over 250 employees) but go no further into the topic of diversity and inclusion. 

The Equality Act 2010 was brought in and designed to replace several other prior pieces of legislation. Under this act discrimination is defined as unfair, unjust or prejudicial treatment of a person on the basis of sex, gender, race, disability, age, religion or national origin. This is something every employer needs to be aware of and address if they want to be inclusive to all.

Over the coming weeks, we will highlight two areas of diversity and inclusion and provide some insights and guidance for employers based on the views of black, Asian minority ethnic students and the views of those with hidden conditions and disabilities.

“Are you missing out on talent? Embracing diversity and inclusion will help you attract talented people including those with hidden or physical disabilities. Please make a pledge to change.” – Alex, peer panel member

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