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Tips to become an inclusive employer

Under the first topic of our campaign #AccessYourTruePotential, our peer panel want to encourage employers to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Today, we hear from Alex George, a member of our peer panel who has Aspergers syndrome. Alex has shared with us his top tips for employers who want to make themselves inclusive to all.

Top tips for employers

Be adaptable

Listen to the person being interviewed and find out if they require any reasonable adjustments. This could be something as simple as giving them the interview questions 30 minutes beforehand on coloured paper, which will help them to relax and perform to the best of their ability. 

Access finance 

If the person has disclosed they have a condition, for example, they use a wheelchair and need access to a ramp or lift and these not currently provided, Access to Work is a government initiative that can provide grants. 

Talk to us 

The person with the condition will potentially know what help they need so have a conversation with them as they may already know or have the software, aids or adaptions they need.

Use technology

Embrace flexible working as someone might need to work from home if their condition flares-up. Enable employees to use technology such as Skype or Microsoft team to work from home. Consider allowing candidates to bring their own equipment in such as a large monitor if its appropriate.

Recruit for culture add not just culture fit

Look beyond just recruiting for culture fit and instead hire for culture add. Targeting candidates that bring something unique to the company culture that doesn’t currently exist will make you an attractive employer.

Will you embrace diversity and inclusion?

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