The Prince’s Trust Get Hired accredited by young people image

The Prince’s Trust Get Hired accredited by young people

The Prince’s Trust team in London have created a jobs board for young people called Get Hired. Before they officially launched the new website, Get Hired signed up for the Access Generation Accreditation. This was to get an impartial view from young people to make sure the platform met their expectations of applying for jobs online.

The feedback from our young people encouraged Get Hired to support a young person to make the best application that they can. Their platform focusses on the individual’s personal attributes, skills and values rather than competences and experience. In addition, the Prince’s Trust uses its own experience and tools to support young people during the application process.

Our feedback acknowledged the expertise and experience that the Prince’s Trust has developed over the years supporting young people and gave them the opportunity to promote a supportive process rather than use the obstacles and hurdles usually used within the recruitment process. 

Only 1% of 600 employers researched to date by Access Generation offer high levels of support or top tips on how to apply or promote when feedback might be available. We were pleased to see this in place on the Get Hired website.

Vicky Yorke, Innovation Project Lead at the Prince’s Trust, said: “I was able to use the report from Access Generation as a touchstone whilst we went through our final website development phase. This ensured young people’s voice was influencing our platform at every step of the way.

The accreditation has really helped us to validate our initial plans and highlighted some basic changes we could undertake to make sure the platform is accessible and supportive.

“If an employer wants to ensure they are attractive to young people then I would highly recommend the Access Generation Accreditation.”