Fujitsu Careers UK assessed by young people image

Fujitsu Careers UK assessed by young people

The Fujitsu Careers UK website has been assessed by young people.

As part of the Access Generation Accreditation, our peer panel assesses how accessible and supportive an employer is for future generations.

The assessment looks at both the attraction and recruitment processes that an organisation uses online. 

The scoring is based on young people’s perceptions and expectations of applying for jobs online and choosing an employer based on their criteria. 

Our peer panel recently produced a report and presented the results of the assessment to the junior talent team at Fujitsu.

Kate Turner, Junior Talent Acquisition team member for Fujitsu, said: “The organisation of the session was brilliant with a clear layout and agenda provided beforehand. We liked the fact that the peer panel included current university students from varied backgrounds as this added a personal touch, different opinions and gave us the opportunity to hear from the demographic of potential applicants. 

The peer panel was confident and articulate throughout and the presentation allowed for an open conversation between the group.

The report provided was well presented with clear sections for each competency, as well as an explanation of what each section meant and why it is important. We really appreciate your feedback and will be taking on some of your recommendations.”