Inspired to Care accredited by young people image

Inspired to Care accredited by young people

During the midst of the pandemic, it became vital to increase recruitment in the social care sector.

Inspired to Care is a department within Leicestershire County Council who are focussed on supporting social care organisations with recruitment and retention.

Whilst we were supporting the community initiative, Work Live Leicestershire, we met the team from Inspired to Care.

To help them with their efforts to recruit, our peer panel accredited their careers website against young people’s perceptions and expectations for applying for jobs online to give the organisation valuable insights to make vacancies attractive and accessible.

As part of the Access Generation Accreditation, our peer panel assesses how accessible and supportive an employer is for future generations.

The assessment looks at both the attraction and recruitment processes that an organisation uses online. 

The scoring is based on young people’s perceptions and expectations of applying for jobs online and choosing an employer based on their criteria. 

Our peer panel produced a report and presented the results of the assessment to the team at Inspired to Care.

Lauren Stacey, social care recruitment and retention officer at Inspired to Care said: “Thank you to Access Generation and their peer panel for the accreditation and report.

The feedback meeting was really useful and highlighted some really simple changes that we can make to boost the accessibility of our website. We are excited to make these changes and proudly display the Access Generation award badge on the Inspired to Care website.”