Giving businesses the tools & know-how to create their own talent pool

The benefits of employing young people
We know that young people are flexible and adaptable, technology-savvy and loyal. A company can gain insights into changing consumer behaviours. In summary you can both get a competitive advantage in your market and future proof your business by employing young people.

Are you an employer of choice for young people?
Do you know what young people look for in an employer?
Do you know where or how to attract them?
Are your current recruitment processes fit for purpose when assessing an inexperienced young person?
Are you spending money on recruitment agencies and overpaying and competing for experienced people?

We have three levels of support to offer you – see below for details or register your interest now.


online guidance

Insights from the youth employment accessibility research will allow us to build online guidance to help businesses to create their own pool of talent and become an employer of choice for young people. See our latest blog for details and signup to our newsletter to get the latest insights.

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Based on the research that we have developed we can provide feedback and training to key stakeholders and interested parties in the business to enable you to better attract and recruit young people.

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bespoke delivery

We can undertake the design, build and delivery for you. We can develop your employer brand and recruitment processes to help you best attract and recruit young people and create your own talent pool.

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