Testimonial: Leicester Marriott values young people’s feedback image

Testimonial: Leicester Marriott values young people’s feedback

Our young peer researchers assessed and scored the Leicester Marriott careers section of their website. This was part of our youth employment accessibility research, which was designed and delivered by young people, supported by the Prince’s Trust initiative, Talent Match Leicester.

James Pierce, assistant cluster director of human resources, at Leicester Marriott said:

“I found the feedback from young people most valuable. The report was clear and concise and enabled me to identify a number of areas that could add real value to how we better attract young people. For example, one of the areas I will be reviewing is how we can make our job descriptions more appealing to young people.

There are some simple tweaks we can work on that could make a tangible difference. There is a surprisingly short timeframe to capture a candidate’s attention and this report and process has identified what needs to be visible on a careers webpage.

We already sit in the upper quartile in the assessment of over 200 Leicestershire employers carried out by Access Generation. With their recommendations, we can make some changes in order to become one of the top half dozen employers based on criteria set by young people.”

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