Let us work with you

Outsource work experience, get business projects delivered by young people and back our campaign to change recruitment.

Let us work for you

Seeing is believing, right? That’s why we put young people in the driving seat. To give them experience and to give both the employer and young person a chance to ‘try before they buy’.

What is Gen @ Work?

For an employer, it is an opportunity to outsource work experience, get a marketing or research business project completed, all whilst satisfying corporate social responsibility (CSR). For a young person, they gain experience, create evidence for their CV and get exposure to the business world.

Types of projects we can support you with include: marketing and research projects; Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) audit; website assessment (Access Generation Accreditation); Neurodiversity training.


  • Save management time and money
  • Gain insights into what a young person is looking for from an employer
  • Gain a competitive edge when attracting candidates
  • Access cost-effective resources and satisfy CSR
  • Evidence that you are an inclusive employer

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