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Young people externally assessed the job vacancy and career section on over 500 employer websites.
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What young people think...

“I was shocked at how many employers do not take the time to write specific job descriptions because this leaves you left in the dark about the role you are applying for.”

Charlotte, peer panel member

“A lot of websites seem outdated, out of context and had a little information about the employer.”

Adil, peer panel member

“Young people will always look at your website to work out if you are an employer they want to apply to work for based on your ethics, values and what you do.”

Suraya, peer panel member


Top tips and guidance from young people on how to improve your attraction and recruitment practices.

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What young people want...

“Find the ability in disability.

The word ‘disability’ instantly gets people thinking about what a candidate CAN’T do. I prefer the more neutral term ‘condition’.

Giving the chance, young people with hidden conditions could thrive in a supportive environment if an employer is inclusive to all.”

Peter, peer panel board member

“My message for employers is: “now is the time for everyone to get comfortable with being in an uncomfortable position.”

My generation does not fear change for equality, we strive for progression and expect our employers to share the same eagerness and willingness to “be on the right side of history.”

Afra, peer panel board member

“Application forms and standardised questions can take up a large proportion of time, especially when candidates are applying for multiple positions.

My message to employers is to be mindful of the time taken and interest in the company and be clear about the process and provide updates.”

Abbie, peer panel member


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What employers said...

“I was so impressed with the quality of work that I felt confident to share the young people’s presentation and report with internal stakeholders.”

Emma Lowry, Leicester City in the Community

“I would really recommend other employers get involved in Gen @ Work. It’s a great way to tap into talent.”

Lucy Robinson, East Midlands Chamber of Commerce

“The young people were absolute stars. Their work has helped us ensure the employment hub and website is targeted at young people.”

Tracey Waterfield, Leicester City Council


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