Access Generation Accreditation

Recognising and promoting companies whose online job application process is both accessible and supportive of young people

Access Generation Accreditation

The accreditation is officially launching in June 2019, however, we welcome early adopters who want to help influence our work and get a competitive edge in their own recruitments efforts. Get in touch for details.

Why you should become accredited

Reduce recruitment costs – reduce reliance on agencies
Attract more candidates – recruit from a bigger pool of talent
Improve employee engagement – doing good is good for business
Future proof your business – support innovation and change
Auditable assessment – supports continuous improvement

Why is Access Generation Accreditation needed?

Companies are struggling to attract and recruit candidates in a tightening labour market. Are you one of them? If you want to attract from a wide pool of talent, including young people, and stand out from the competition you need to understand what it takes to achieve this.

We have developed the Access Generation Accreditation to support companies who want to gain a competitive advantage by knowing what it takes to attract digitally savvy young people.

What is the Access Generation Accreditation?

Access Generation’s Accreditation is designed and delivered by young people to recognise and promote an organisation whose online job application process is both accessible and supportive of young people.

How it works

Companies who subscribe to the accreditation will receive the following assessments and an annual review;

External assessment and report – young people assess your companies website specifically looking at the job section, application process, supportive content and what you say about yourselves as an employer. This includes a clear indication of what works, what needs improving and what might be missing.

Internal assessment and report – this is an employee survey that scores your company’s engagement based on young people’s criteria for choosing an employer.

Information on changing candidate behaviour – access to free webinars, public training events and guidance online.

Support and advice – email and phone support to help you make the most of the results of your assessments.

How much does it cost?

The accreditation can be purchased on a subscription basis at £75 per month (minimum two-year subscription).


“Leicestershire Fire and Rescue understand top criteria to attract young candidates, thanks to Access Generation” – see full testimonial

“Applications increased 12-fold for Imperial Corporate Events” – see full testimonial

“Valuable feedback from young people to better attract young people to Marriott Leicester” – see full testimonial