Access Generation Accreditation

Recognising and promoting employers whose online job application process is both accessible and supportive of young people

How it works

Employers who subscribe to the accreditation will receive the following assessments annually:

External assessment of the job application process and employer value proposition by young people

An employee survey to measure engagement based on young people's criteria (optional)

Ongoing support and advice to make the most out of the accreditation

Plus, up-to-date information on changing candidate behaviours

Why you should become accredited

  • Reduce recruitment costs - reduce reliance on agencies
  • Attract more candidates - recruit from a bigger pool of talent
  • Improve employee engagement - doing good is good for business
  • Future proof your business - support innovation and change
  • Auditable assessment - supports continuous improvement

How to become accredited

You can future proof your candidate attraction by becoming accredited today. Simply subscribe for just £75 per month (minimum of two years). If you achieve a score in the upper quartile in the external assessment you will receive the achieved tick accreditation. Companies working towards achieving the highest score will be recognised with a working towards accreditation mark without the tick.


James, Leicester Marriott

"Valuable feedback from young people to better attract young people to Marriott Leicester"

Natalie, Imperial Corporate Events

"Application increased 12-fold for Imperial Corporate Events"

Mpazi, Leicester Fire and Rescue

"We now understand the top criteria to attract young candidates, thanks to Access Generation"

Penny Waterfield, Oadby Plastics

"We have seen 50% of applications being made directly through the website rather than jobs boards since we made changes based on this work"