Testimonial: Applications increased 12-fold thanks to Access Generation image

Testimonial: Applications increased 12-fold thanks to Access Generation

Imperial Corporate EventsImperial Corporate Events have seen an improvement in their recruitment measures thanks to our young peer researchers report.

The Leicester-based company were originally assessed in our first youth employment accessibility research and were one of the first to receive feedback on how accessible their careers website page was for young people looking for work.

The beauty of our assessment is that you can measure any changes over time. We re-assessed Imperial’s website this year and were pleased to see their score had improved.

Here’s what they had to tell us…

“Since making changes based on the feedback, we have seen an improvement in recruitment measures. For example, before the feedback, we were getting one or two direct applications per month and this is now increased 12-fold, which has made a real contribution to our recruitment requirements.

The report gave us really clear action points and insight into the candidate market. Working with Access Generation gave us a chance to refocus and even challenge what we wanted from our brand/culture moving forward.

“I now feel more confident to have conversations internally to make positive change happen. The report is great because we can measure and track our improvements.”

Natalie Dayman, Internal Recruitment Specialist at Imperial Corporate Events



“Access Generation helped us to think outside the box about our brand and develop the company as a whole. Their report helped us create a plan, with simple steps that I’m confident will help us have a more prosperous future.”

Ash Menshawy, Marketing Manager at Imperial Corporate Events






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