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Hinckley tech company sponsors youth employment research

The Hinckley based tech company, Workvine, are sponsoring us to externally assess 150 job sections on company websites, run a training workshop and a webinar.

Workvine, the HR tech company who help companies attract, recruit, engage and train with digital solutions, are supporting the project for two young peer researchers to carry out the assessments.

Adrian Hobbs, executive director of Workvine, said: “We are delighted to be sponsoring this project and be able to share some valuable insights that will help us and our customers attract young people to our businesses.

“Far too many businesses actually make it difficult to apply for a job and many career pages on company websites just do not reflect a true picture of a companies potential in the eyes of a candidate. If we can make it easier and young people see businesses as an employer of choice everyone can win.”

Chris Tarry, founder and managing director of Access Generation, said: “This research directly supports a wider community project we are involved in that is tackling unemployment in rural Leicestershire.

“We want this research to be used to highlight the gap in the recruitment process for inexperienced young people and then provide guidance for employers to make the necessary changes to make the process of applying for work accessible and supportive.”

Two young peer researchers are currently assessing up to 150 job sections on company websites and the results will be revealed in March.

Attend the webinar

We will run a webinar to share the results and provide businesses with some top tips on how to attract the next generation on Wednesday, 10th April at 11am. Book your free place here

Attend the training workshop

We will run a training workshop at the Workvine office in Hinckley for businesses on Wednesday, 22nd May. Book your free place here

Do you want your job section assessed?

Do you want to know how attractive your job section is for young people? Get in touch to get your job section assessed by our young peer researchers.