Youth employment accessibility report 2019 image

Youth employment accessibility report 2019

150 companies have had the job section on their websites externally assessed by our young peer researchers and the results are in.

Today we can share with you the full report on this research which was designed by young people and provides companies with insight into what a young candidate looks for when choosing and applying for work.

A big thank you to our sponsor, Workvine, a HR tech company, who have supported us to complete this latest round of research.

We found…

  • 2 in 3 businesses did not have opportunities for young people to gain work
  • 1 in 6 businesses had a very poor or no job section at all
  • 78% of businesses failed to promote themselves as an employer

Download the full youth employment accessibility report here

This research demonstrates that a company needs someone to take ownership of their online identity and ensure recruitment processes don’t impede their ability to attract young people and recruit candidates.

Only 7% of businesses across six market sectors exceeded young people’s expectation when it came to talking about their business and its culture. Most failed to effectively promote themselves (remember young people have a criteria in mind when reviewing a company’s website).

When it came to providing support during the application process, only 36% achieved an adequate level. This included the use of plain English and a clear explanation of skills required. However, no company excelled in this area and many failed to make commitments with regards to application timescales and the availability of feedback.

We believe that a strategic approach to recruitment is required, looking at attraction, employee engagement and retention.


  • Promoting a company’s culture and purpose online supports the value proposition to customers and engagement with existing employees
  • There was a correlation that companies who had a youth entry point generally had a better job section overall
  • It is worth noting that it would not be unreasonable to assume the results apply to all discerning candidates not just young people
  • There are so few companies who are meeting young people’s expectations that to get it right represents a unique opportunity to differentiate in a tightening labour market

What next?

We are delivering a webinar and training workshop on the back of the results of this latest research. Register for free to join us…