Meet our intern – Suraya image

Meet our intern – Suraya

One of the first tasks we asked our interns to do was to write a profile blog to introduce themselves and share their message for employers. Meet Suraya…

Hi, I’m Suraya. I’m 23 years old and I’m a first-class graduate in Media and Communications.

Studying media and communications at a time when media platforms are ever-changing and society is more reliant on forms of media in day to day life has instilled a passion in me to work in a professional digital media and marketing environment, particularly in a company with strong ethical values.

I have had some experience with this so far, after finishing my degree I undertook an internship working with Leicester City Council’s environmental education team working closely with schools. At the same time as studying for my degree, I was promoted to general manager for a local pub and restaurant after working there for five years. This role included a significant element of marketing. I created visually interesting and original posts to engage different audiences, allowing me to have a creative flare within my work – something I would like to carry into my future career.

I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in people’s lives. I have been involved in the organisation of a number of charitable events and in the future, I hope to use my digital media marketing skills to help smaller charities gain recognition and support them to raise the money they need to make their charities work and help people.

When I was offered the internship with Access Generation it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had recent first-hand experience in feeling inadequate and not valued due to a company’s lack of care and unwillingness to employ young people. Through a chance encounter, I was encouraged to apply for a social media marketing coordinator role in Leicester which sounded perfect (or so I thought.) I was told I would be fast-tracked through the interview process. After submitting a presentation along with my CV I was disappointed to not hear back from them at all. Two weeks then passed and after sending them several emails asking for feedback they eventually apologised for not getting back to me, saying that my presentation was faultless however they had employed someone for the role with more experience. I was left feeling that the company weren’t willing to take a chance on me as a younger person. 

To then find out about Access Generation and the brilliant work they do that helps young people show their true potential to future employers I felt inspired to turn this negative experience into positive. I’m really looking forward to working as part of a team that is taking action to improve the experience of young people looking for work.

Over the next 6 weeks, I hope to develop my creative skills in producing a successful advertising campaign which may be recognised by the businesses that Access Generation are affiliated with. I’m looking forward to working with like-minded people who are passionate and hard-working and being able to work together for the projects to be successful.

After graduating with a first-class degree I am very keen to establish myself on the first rung of my future career. I consider myself to be a bright, practical, friendly, hardworking, adaptable and self-motivated individual. My experience in customer-facing roles and in university have helped me develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills and I always put 100% into every role I take on.