Meet our intern – Adil image

Meet our intern – Adil

Continuing with our introductions to our new interns, today it’s Adils turn to tell us about himself and what his message is to business. Meet Adil…

Hello, my name is Adil Patel. I am 23 years old. 

I graduated from De Montfort University in 2018 studying Business Management. Business has been a huge passion of mine since secondary school. I have studied business through GCSE, A-Level and up to degree level.

What your ambitions are for the future?

My ambition in the future is to put my business knowledge to good use. And my employment skills to good practise. I hope to work for a major business organisation partaking in a senior role. I need to gain experience in a big firm in a graduate-level role.

My other interest in the future is to help charities raise further awareness and to partake in voluntary work.

Why did you choose to intern with Access Generation?

The reason why I choose to do my internship for Access Generation was that I was really taken aback by the chat I had with Jemma and Chris. The talk we had during my interview process, was very interesting and a challenge I wanted to accept. I am really intrigued by the concept of looking at why employers are finding it a little difficult to attract young people.

I love the idea of helping both the young people and the businesses to make the process of applying for jobs more accessible and supportive. I think younger people need to have a voice, especially in regards to employment.

I feel like after university it does become much more difficult to find a job unless you have a large business network which is very rare for the average university student to have. After university, you’re in a little bubble where every day you feel like your dreams start to fade away. The longer it takes to find a graduate role, the more depressing it can get. Hence, the rise of post-graduate depression. The fact that I have an opportunity to have a say and to question some businesses, is a really good feeling.

Is there anything you’re excited about doing with Access Generation?

I am excited to continue to work with Jemma and Chris and to meet more great people during this 6-week journey. I love meeting new people and hearing stories which mean a lot to them personally. 

At the same time, I am excited to attend various events including the focus groups and going back to university will feel very nostalgic but will be a fantastic opportunity to hear more views/opinions of younger individuals at undergraduate level. 

What you hope to achieve during the 6 weeks?

During the 6 weeks period, I hope to put my business knowledge into practise and use personal experience in voicing my opinion. I hope to continue to improve my presentation, project management, critical analysis and analytical skills.

At the same time I want to have left a positive mark with Access Generation and give my best in helping them carry out their work. I hope we can work successfully together and alongside my fellow interns in meeting the requirement for this internship.  I also, want to network with other people from a business background. 

What is your message to employers?

My main message to employers would be ‘please be realistic and just have faith’. 

Remember, it’s not easy for an undergraduate to study and have experience at the same time. Employers need to understand that they were once our age and need to look back at the journey they had. I believe, it is harder for young people now more than ever before. There are more graduates than there has ever been. Hence, the job competition has become so much harder and very competitive. 

Give young people the opportunity and a chance to develop and I am sure you will reap the rewards.

Not every young person are lazy snowflakes. A lot of young people, like me, are career-driven and focused!