Meet our intern – David image

Meet our intern – David

Next up, in our intern series is David. Read on to find out more about David and see his message to employers…

Hello, my name is David, I am a first-year BioEngineering student at Loughborough.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My ambitions for the future is to use the skills/knowledge I have gained on various projects such as my CAD and mechanics modules, into making medical devices, more specifically prosthetics. I enjoy problem-solving to help people make their day easier. 

Why did you choose to intern with us?  

After reading about Access Generation, this made me reminisce to when I had finished secondary school and I was filling out multiple applications only to be unsuccessful. if I would have had Access Generation’s support back then I am sure I would have been more successful and I would have been grateful to have that help. So having a chance to make that change, which I would have liked, means a great deal to me because I know that I would be giving future applicants a better chance at getting the job they’re applying for.

Is there anything you’re excited about doing with us?

I am looking forward to working with the other interns to research how the pandemic and the affects of Brexit has impacted employment accessibility. I am also intrigued to communicate with different companies and gain an insight into their different application processes.

What are you hoping to achieve during the six weeks?

I am hoping to develop my digital skills whilst making websites clearer to understand the purpose behind the organisation. I also want to improve how I apply to job applications as I will understand what information companies would like to know during the application process. And finally, I would like to gain exposure to a few companies from medical device companies, preferably prosthetic companies. 

Do you have any messages for employers? 

Everyone deserves a chance, a real chance because there is a person behind each application who can offer a variety of skills you may not have known you needed. That’s why I am here to try and help the community make the best use of their opportunities.

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Did you know…?

Universities typically have an employability team who work to match students with employment opportunities including internships. An internship is often a short paid work experience and a chance for the student and employer to ‘try before they buy’. Internships are often part or fully funded.

Afra has joined us via Loughborough University’s Talent Match Programme which is part-funded by Santander. For more information, visit their website