Meet our intern – Radina image

Meet our intern – Radina

This month, we’ve been joined by four interns from Loughborough University. Whenever we have an intern join us, their first task is to introduce themselves by writing a blog and sharing their message to employers.

Hi, my name is Radina Dimova and I am 20 years old. 

I am an international student and I study Mathematics and Sport Science at Loughborough University. This combined degree unites my two biggest passions: sports and data analytics. 

What are your ambitions for the future?

I moved to the UK on my own during the pandemic, in order to pursue my dream career as a sports analyst/scientist. Later on, it turned out that any sports-related role is extremely competitive in today’s world. I am hopeful that one day I will manage to successfully climb up the ladder and have my own company, where I will do my best to not make the mistakes I see employers making now. 

Why did you choose to intern with us?

What made me apply for this internship in the first place, was the fact that I had not seen before any other place where students’ needs and struggles were understood so well. I admire the ideas and goals AG has, and I want to be part of their team. I have experienced personally the issues that AG is trying to prevent in the future, which is why I want to be part of the change.

Is there anything you’re excited about doing with us?

The thing I am most excited about is meeting other like-minded individuals. Just like any other student, I sometimes feel lost in the vicious cycle of: “in order to work, you need experience, but to get experience, you need to work”. It is very challenging to look for an entry-level job in today’s society and being able to share this struggle with someone else, who experiences the same, is very reasuring. After meeting with the team, the next thing I am looking forward to is to actually start working on projects and possibly help other students outside AG who struggle with the same issues. 

What do you hope to achieve during the internship?

My number one priority is to improve my personal and professional skills. This internship will help me further develop my time-management, communication and organisation skills. Another thing I hope to achieve is to enhance my networking skills and meet new people. This is an amazing opportunity for creating professional connections, which are of extreme importance, especially for an international student like me. 

What is your message for employers?

One thing that has often upset me for the past few years is the fact that employers seem to forget what it was like to be an undergraduate. Most of them have probably experienced the problems that they cause for young people nowadays, such as no feedback after an interview, no details in a job description, and not getting a response for months in a row, to name a few. Most of these are easily fixed if the employer spared a few more minutes of their time.

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Did you know…?

Universities typically have an employability team who work to match students with employment opportunities including internships. An internship is often a short paid work experience and a chance for the student and employer to ‘try before they buy’. Internships are often part or fully funded.

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