Meet our intern – Jasmine image

Meet our intern – Jasmine

This month, we’ve been joined by four interns from Loughborough University. Whenever we have an intern join us, their first task is to introduce themselves by writing a blog and sharing their message to employers. Meet Jasmine…

Hi! My name is Jasmine Trapnell, I am 20 years old and I’m in my second year of studying Sports Science, Coaching and PE at Loughborough University. I will be completing my placement year with Loughborough Sport as Athlete Recruitment Support, whereby I will be assisting with the marketing and management of athlete recruitment at Loughborough.

What are your ambitions for the future?

My career ambition is to become a successful Sports Journalist covering international events such as the Olympics. To achieve this goal, I am aiming to gain acceptance into the top journalism school in the UK: News Associates – where I hope to gain my NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Sports Journalism. Alongside my academics and career, I currently train and compete in hammer throw, which I want to continue pursuing and compete in.

Why did you choose to intern with Access Generation?

I chose to intern with Access Generation because they provided me with the opportunity to develop my skills in digital content development through social media. This is something I desired since journalism has expanded into social media. This means it is critical, as an aspiring journalist, to be able to use social media in a professional manner and have experience in developing content.

Access Generation also has a unique purpose – one which I stand very strongly by. As I have experienced the difficult cycle of trying to gain a job but you need experience, but to gain experience you need a job. So to be able to work with a company who are trying to increase the opportunities for young people is something I could not ignore. 

What are you excited about doing with Access Generation?

I am excited to be gaining relevant experience and with this internship feels like I am one step closer to my career ambitions. Also being able to work alongside other students at Loughborough with similar interests, with the target of helping other young people to gain their future jobs is also really exciting. 

What do you hope to achieve during the internship?

I want to be able to start to build a portfolio of content I have produced that I can take to future education/employers which showcases my level of work and experience. This internship also provides me with a critical opportunity to develop my network and connect with professionals and potential future employers  – a task which would be difficult to achieve by myself. 

Message for employers…

Young people are not lazy, unmotivated or incompetent. We are innovative, enthusiastic and eager to learn. When you don’t provide opportunities for young people you are discrediting their hard work and disadvantaging yourself. We have been underestimated for a very long time and it is time for change. If you hire young people you will see the passion and dedication they will put into their job and you will wish you had hired them sooner.

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Did you know…?

Universities typically have an employability team who work to match students with employment opportunities including internships. An internship is often a short paid work experience and a chance for the student and employer to ‘try before they buy’. Internships are often part or fully funded.

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