Meet our intern – Ellie image

Meet our intern – Ellie

We’ve been joined by four interns from Loughborough University to look at our social media content. Whenever we have an intern join us, their first task is to introduce themselves by writing a blog and sharing their message to employers.

Meet Ellie

Hi I am Ellie and I am 20 years old. I am currently in my second year studying for a BSc Psychology degree, which I am thoroughly enjoying. Next year I will be undertaking a placement in the industry as an honorary assistant psychologist.

I have a very entrepreneurial mindset and hope to one day have my own business following further training in clinical psychology. My dream would be a mental health-based business where I can make a difference and spread awareness in a creative way. I hope this can allow me to incorporate both marketing and psychological clinical skills – two disciplines I am very passionate about. In addition, I hope to provide opportunities and schemes for students to gain experience within my own business. 

I was keen to gain some marketing experience this year, having enjoyed a recent role involving social media content creation for a non-profit organisation. Access Generation felt like the perfect fit as I found myself genuinely interested in the reports they had produced and their dedication to representing young people’s voices to improve businesses’ employability schemes. Furthermore, the interview process was very smooth and it was evident that the company genuinely practice what they preach, from the way the interviews were done through to understanding how they can help make the most of your internship. 

I am really excited to get stuck in and develop a range of new skills. I’m really hoping to gain a better understanding of market research and how that can be converted into a creative outlet for everyone to understand. In addition, I am looking forward to expanding my network as I love meeting professionals and understanding how they have got to where they are. I find this not only inspiring but valuable for personal growth in understanding where I might like to work myself. However, I am most excited about being part of the change for the good and making a difference to the lives of young people through my work. 

Message for employers

My message to employers is to see young people’s potential and develop them to create a legacy of passionate young people who will want to stay with your organisation. 

Young people want to show what they can do without being confined to a CV or past experience at such an early stage in their careers. Employers should accommodate this in the recruitment process.

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Did you know…?

Universities typically have an employability team who work to match students with employment opportunities including internships. An internship is often a short paid work experience and a chance for the student and employer to ‘try before they buy’. Internships are often part or fully funded.

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