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Employment Accessibility Report 2022

Our latest Employment Accessibility Report is out now. 3 smiling young people talking in front of laptops

The Employment Accessibility Report is research based on young people’s perceptions and expectations of applying for jobs online.

The research has been designed and carried out by young people who assess employer websites and job application processes.

Executive Summary

This research is based on the perceptions and expectations of 300 young people. 572 employer websites have been assessed by 16 members of our young peer panel.

Employers that think differently about how they recruit and attract talent will gain a competitive advantage.

Here are the top messages from the report findings highlighted by young people for employers .

Make job adverts transparent

Make it clear what the job is, what’s in it for the candidate and how to apply. Use simple, straightforward language to describe the job, state a salary range, if remote working is available and be clear on what you want the candidates to do before you ask them to register. Remember the candidates are assessing you as an employer as much as you will be assessing them.

Tell us who you are

You might be reading this report because you don’t know, what you don’t know. The same is true of candidates. Young people leave education knowing about a dozen industry sectors and job roles. Promoting your industry and attracting candidates go hand in hand. Are you doing everything you can to tell the world about what your organisation does?

Embrace and evidence equality, diversity and inclusion

Are you an inclusive organisation? If so, then tell us, show us and let candidates know you are supportive to all.

Give candidates feedback

Stating when feedback is available in the application process can help manage candidate expectations and avoid damaging their resilience and confidence.

Download your copy of the Employment Accessibility Report 2022.