Meet our intern – Shivam image

Meet our intern – Shivam

Throughout the year, we invite our interns to introduce themselves and share their messages with employers. Meet our current intern, Shivam, who joins us as a trainee marketing and research manager and will be assessing employers that will receive the Access Generation Accreditation.

Meet Shivam

Hello everyone, my name is Shivam. I am 21 years old, and I am currently pursuing my master’s in international business from Loughborough University. 

Having pursued a bachelor’s degree in management, I was introduced to the various sectors of management including marketing. I developed a good understanding of it and digital marketing during my undergraduate and postgraduate years. 

I have had some experience with marketing during an event held by the Loughborough Enterprise Network where I collaborated with a team to develop a digital marketing strategy for a local Loughborough business. A part of this task was also to optimise their social media which included a substantial aspect of marketing. It was during this project that I understood the significance that effective marketing carries and the power that each person’s perspective has after seeing any post on social media or an article in the newspaper. 

I am passionate about making a difference in this world in any way possible which is why I usually take part in charitable events or any voluntary opportunities where help is needed. I hope that the marketing skills that I have gained and will gain in the future will be beneficial to these events to help raise awareness. 

When I found out about an opportunity at Access Generation and the work they do, I was completely amazed by the distinctiveness of the organisation. I could not have found an organisation that resonates with me and many inexperienced young people more than Access Generation. Especially at a time when opportunities are hard to come across and the competition for those opportunities is ever-increasing. Having applied to multiple jobs and not hearing back or receiving rejections without any feedback or vague reasons for the same, it is imperative to make a difference in the employment sector which is what Access Generation is all about.

Over the next few weeks, I look forward to broadening my understanding of marketing and putting my skills to great effect to help leave a positive mark at Access Generation. I also aim to optimise their social media to spread awareness so that they get noticed and let graduates know that there is support at every step of the way. I am passionate about creating the overall employment experience smooth and positive for inexperienced young people as well as for employers.

Shivam’s message to employers

My message to employers is that, please value the time and energy that every candidate puts in for any job during the recruitment process. They need to understand that the journey for graduates is difficult due to increasing competition. Hence, providing opportunities to young people can be the key to a bright future as amidst the pool of young candidates, there exists a bright idea to be born.