Application guidance

Our process and top tips to make a good application

Application guidance

Find out below about our application process and see our top tips for making a good application and interview.

The application process

Complete the online form and personal statement by the deadline

The application will be acknowledged with an email confirmation within 5 working days of the deadline

If you are successful for the next stage you will be invited to a short telephone interview

The final stage will be an interview (via Zoom) 

Feedback will be available after the final stage interviews

Progress through the application process will take no more than 5-10 days between each stage

Top tips to make a good application

Be sure to review our website and understand what we do

Think about your own personal attributes and attitude and what you might bring to work

Think about how you can evidence the skills that you bring

If you have no work experience, consider using examples from life, school or your hobbies and interests

Ask someone else to check over your application to ensure there are no mistakes and that it reads well

Be authentic – be yourself

Top tips for the interview stage

Make sure you have done your research and understand what we do

Be prepared to evidence and give examples of how you have used your skills

Consider using the STAR methodology for answering questions (situation, task, action, results)

This will be a mutual two-way conversation and decision process so be prepared to ask us questions too

Ensure you are in a suitable environment when joining us for a telephone or online video call. Check your background, sound and connectivity

Remember to breathe, relax and be yourself – be confident in what you can bring to the role