Young people set to drive Access Generation forward image

Young people set to drive Access Generation forward

Access Generation has created a peer panel to ensure young people’s voice is represented in their work.

The peer panel includes young peopled aged 18 to 30 who have all had experience of applying for jobs online. This week, we will be introducing you to each of them and sharing their top three messages for employers with you.

By young people, for young people

Since launching, we have listened to young people and shared valuable insights on their views with businesses.

More recently young people have designed, built and delivered assessments for businesses and contribute to our training events.

Now the peer panel will help us make our future vision a reality which is to have Access Generation run by young people, for young people.

The peer panel members will represent the voice of young people, help us to validate our research findings and run a campaign to promote our new accreditation which will be officially launched later this month.

Why is the Access Generation peer panel good for your business?

Did you know that data and knowledge currently doubles every 13 months. This is set to double every 12 hours by 2020 according to IBM.

The impact of this is that consumer and candidate behaviours will change rapidly. So, how will you keep up and stay current with these changes?

The Access Generation peer panel will provide up-to-date information on the changing behaviours of young candidates which we will share with businesses who become accredited.

For businesses

Find out more about the accreditation here.


For young people

If you’re a young person looking for voluntary work then why not become a peer panel member with us? Find out more here.