Alex: My messages to employers image

Alex: My messages to employers

Alex is the latest young person to join our peer panel.

The peer panel of 18 to 30-year-olds make sure our work represents the views of young people.

We first met Alex through a Prince’s Trust initiative and he was one of our first peer researchers to get involved in the Employment Accessibility Research.

Meet Alex

Alex is currently looking for employment and has an interest in healthcare work and IT. 

Whenever we have a new peer panel member join, we ask them to tell us what they would want employers to know.

Here are Alex’s messages to employers.

  • Feedback Is important as helps to improve for next time as well as opportunities may it be work experience to help the young person gain valuable experience as could be the difference between then getting or not getting the job .   
  • Ensure reasonable adjustments are made especially for employees with some sort of disability it can be as simple as printing on coloured  paper or giving the questions 30 mins before hand these simple adjustments can make the interview process run a lot smoother and less stressful. 
  • Flexibility is key for young people as not all drive so may have to rely on public transport as well as the ways recruitment is done as maybe just as easy to do it online 

By young people, for young people

Since launching, we have listened to young people and shared valuable insights on their views with businesses.

More recently young people have designed, built and delivered assessments for businesses and contributed to our training events.

Now the peer panel will help us make our future vision a reality which is to have Access Generation run by young people, for young people.

The peer panel members represent the voice of young people, help us to validate our research findings and will soon run a campaign to promote our new accreditation.

For employers

Do you know how to meet and match young people’s expectations? Find out more about the accreditation here.